Skol Family

Skol Pilsen is the most popular beer in Brazil since ever. But now the brand is a family with two more “sisters”: Hops and Pure Malt.

“Skol is a family now”        
“I’m the most loved in Brazil”
“I’m the hop warrior”
“I’m the black belt of beers”

To introduce that, we started where every single family is today: on WhatsApp. We even put the “big moan of WhatsApp” (a popular prank in Brazil known as “gemidão”) in prime time on television.

We took the issue to Twitter's Trending Topics with the hashtag #FamilyGroupHas.

Since Skol is not a traditional family, the campaign could not be either.

Instead of magazine prints, WhatsApp content:

Instead of radio spots, audio messages:

Instead of OOH, WWW:

Then we took the internet to television and some television to the internet.

Film 30” Pilsen

Masthead YouTube

Film 30” Pure Malt

Film 30” Hops

We created a Meme Generator that even that uncle who can't handle technology can play with. And on Mother's Day, it became a “momemes” generator.

Skol is now a family. And family is family, you know...

Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi
Creative Directors: Leonardo Claret, Rodrigo Castellari, Toni Fernandes
Team: Bruno Kuni, Thiago Bach

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